WOMEN // 6:00PM

KATHY ELLY // 810.623.9306 // kellymichigan2018@gmail.com
TRINA SHIPP // 248.875.8873 // trinashipp@yahoo.com

Curriculum: Strengthen Yourself in the Lord

How can you count it all joy during such challenging times? In this study you will learn to develop overcoming strategies to get through these difficult times while using your God given tools to encourage yourself and “Strengthen Yourself in the Lord”!

Highland/White Lake, call or text to confirm specific location

MEN // 6:30PM

DAVE AUSTIN // 248.752.4515 // daustin@stclaire.com
PABLO CAMPOS //248.249.6920 // pcampos7@comcast.net

Curriculum: Wild at Heart – Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul

We want to be men who do not just go through the motions of our lives, jobs, or relationships; but who live our lives before the Lord in such a way that He could truly call each of us a ‘man after His own heart’. Come join a multi-generational group of men for fellowship, practical wisdom, and encouragement towards becoming the kind of men God calls us to be.


CO-ED // 6:30PM

AL & BECKY MONTE // 517.862.5566 //

Curriculum: “Overcomer”

Our group is comprised primarily of married couples in thier 40’s, 50′ and 60’s. We spend an equal amount of time fellowshipping over a meal and studying the Word, but our focus is ministry of the Word. If you would like to have good friends that will help you learn more about what’s in the Bible, please join our group!

We meet at several different homes of members of the group in Highland, Holly and Fenton.

WOMEN // 6:30PM

MARY SCOTT // 810.623.3823 // mary.scott.j@gmail.com
CRAIG & JOANNE SHEDD // 517.861.7740 // joanneshedd62@gmail.com

Curriculum: Esther – A Woman of Strength and Dignity

We will be studying, “Esther: A Woman of Strength and Dignity”, by Chuck Swindoll. In this study, we will learn to become women of prayer, courage, and influence. We will also be praying for our nation.

5537 Crane Creek Ct, Hamburg Twp
5722 North Latson, Howell


PERRY & JEN LUKAS // 313.938.7374 // perry.lukas@live.com

Curriculum: Gospel Presentation

To minister to the elderly in their greatest time of need. Preaching the Word of God, building up the Christian and ministering salvation to the unsaved.

Neighborhoods of White Lake, 10770 Elizabeth Lake Rd
Status Inactive Due to COVID

WOMEN // 6:00PM

FRANCINE NESHEIM // 248.787.2636 // rfnesheim@comcast.net
DEBBIE OLEWNIK // 586.917.5287 // oledc123@msn.com

Curriculum: Lessons from Pastor Tim

Ladies, we would love to connect with you for an evening of fellowship and joy in growing together in God’s Word. Let’s work together to inspire, pry for and encourage one another in the coming year!

2630 Bay Vista Dr, Highland


CHRIS CHMURA // 248.245.3623 // tamryngirl@comcast.net
SUE CONE // 248.330.5132 // scone@cornerstonehighland.com

Curriculum: GriefShare ($15 Personal workbook is required)

If you have suffered loss through death and are looking for help to guide you through the journey from grief to healing we welcome you to be a part of this CO-ED group. Through the DVD series, taught by experts in grief counseling, and small group discussion with others, you will learn to think and respond in a biblically healthy way.

3630 Middle Road, Highland