Thursday Connect Groups

WOMEN • 11:00 AM • WK1

Curriculum: Overcoming When You Feel Overwhelmed by Jentezen Franklin
This series will help you to get up, get out, and get free, along with helping you to find your destiny. Join us as we study this book by Jentezen Franklin.

LORNA HEFFELBOWER // 248.634.1866 //
LORI JENSEN // 810.730.4179 //
CONNIE LUEBKERT // 248.698.2380 //


Highland Activity Center Building #2

MEN • 6:30 PM • WK2

Curriculum: 1, 2, & 3 John
Who is God? What is love? People have asked these questions for thousands of years, and they were asking them in John’s day too. Christians, like John, believed the answers were found in Jesus, but some so-called believers were leading people astray, questioning Jesus’ very identity. John wrote these letters to the churches he loved in order to keep them straight. With conviction, confidence, and clarity, John presents a compelling picture of Jesus – so we see clearly who God is and what love is.

JOHN SCHILLER // 248.459.6240 //
BRET SCOTT // 517.285.9649 //


3107 Harbor Pointe Circle, Fenton

Thursday young adult groups

CO-ED • 6:30 PM • WK3

Curriculum: Acres of Diamonds by Jentezen Franklin
As a group, we will dig deeper to uncover our potential in what God has for us, through the reading of God’s Word and the book Acres of Diamonds.

JASON ALLMEN // 586.322.3969 //
KAYLA ALLMEN // 810.772.0050 //
AARON MALMQUIST // 810.498.9102 //
DANA MALMQUIST // 248.342.6275 //


10381 Tamryn Blvd, Holly