WOMEN // 11:00AM

LORNA HEFFELBOWER // 248.634.1866 //
LORI JENSEN // 810.730.4179 //

Curriculum: Small Things, Big Difference

As we go through this series, we will learn how small changes in our thoughts, words and habits can make big differences in our daily walk with God. What does Jesus want to say to you personally? we invite you to join us as we strive to grow into the likeness of Christ.

Highland Activity Center Building #2


MEN // 7:00PM

JASON ALLMEN // 586.322.3969 //
PRESTON CRUM // 810.922.5066 //
AARON MALMQUIST // 810.498.9102 //

Curriculum: Bible Study

We are a group of men who gather to study the Word, build community and create friendships.