CO-ED // 4:00PM

JOSH & STEPHANIE BARBER // 574.315.4232 //
NATE & KELLY MASON // 517.525.6500  //

Curriculum: The Circle Maker // Childcare offered

Are you looking for a place to connect and grow in your relationship with Jesus while doing life with people in a similar place in life? Our group will be going through “The Circle Maker” by Mark Batterson. This series will teach us how to draw prayer circles around our dreams so God can accomplish great things in us,

2900 Overbrook, Highland

CO-ED // 5:00PM

PABLO & ANDREA CAMPOS // 248.249.6920 // 248.249.7095 //
GARY & MEGAN LIBKUMAN // 248.379.7362  //

Curriculum: Emotions // Childcare offered

The Bible shows us many examples of Jesus’ emotions: love, compassion, righteous anger, sadness, and more. In this four part video series by Pastor Craig Groeschel, we’ll look at how Jesus processed emotions and how following His example can help us see how our own emotions can be used to fulfill God’s purpose in our lives. We look forward to growing in the Lord with you as we share a meal, fellowship, and talk about how we
can apply God’s word to our lives.


CO-ED // 4:00PM

TOD & GRACE VERVILLE // 248.497.2963 // 313.244.3212 //

Curriculum: Overcomer // Childcare offered

Come join us and bring a dish to pass. We are a multi generational, multi-cultural connect group that loves to do life together. We will study the concept of being an overcomer. We may not have had control of what happened to us but we can control how we respond. For example, overcome anxiety with peace, fear with faith, confusion with wisdom, and temptation with scripture.

1955 Scenic Dr, Milford

CO-ED // 5:00PM

JEFF & DANA O’FARRELL // 313.204.3169 // 313.320.4125 // //
BEN & STACEY WEGNER // 248.765.3376 // 248.763.3395 // //

Curriculum: Raising Teens // Childcare offered

Raising teens can be a blast and a challenge all at the same time! Our group works to identify how we can function as godly families with the help of curriculum, special guests, and prayer. We also make time for food, fun, and fellowship. There is power in locking arms with other parents. We hope you can join us!

2509 Foxgrove Dr, HIghland


CO-ED // 5:00PM

STEVE BUGLIONE // 248.894.3641 //
KAYLA BUSH // 810.772.0050 //
TOD VERVILLE // 248.922.6966 //

Curriculum: SEEK – Bringing Light to Scripture: Real Life Application to Biblical Truths

We do food, an activity, a group talk/lesson and hangout afterwards.

519 S. Main St, Milford

CO-ED // 5:00PM

ASHLEY HITCHCOCK // 248.961.9660 //
IAN DAWSON // 810.772.0050 //
KAYLA LOWERY // 480.868.9863 //

Curriculum: Parables

Join our connect group and learn about the parables found in the Gospels of the New Testament.

6819 Buckhorn Lake Rd, Holly

CO-ED // 1:30PM

CHRIS INGLES // 248.378.7803 //

JAMES SHEFFIELD // 810.288.7121 //

Curriculum: Loving the Homeless

Feeding the homeless spiritually!

Ann Arbor