DUSTYN & REBECCA BROWN // 757.770.9293 // 757.918.0212 //

Curriculum: Men are Like Waffles, Women are Like Spaghetti // Childcare provided

Come and join us for a fun-filled Friday night of food and fellowship as we dig into an exciting marriage DVD series. Together we will learn and grow in understanding and appreciating our spouse’s differences, along with practical tips for improving communication, putting your differences to work for you and more. We’ve saved a seat for you!


CO-ED // 7:00PM

ROB PITERA // 248.472.1667 //
TERRENCE & SHALYNNE BARR // 248.807.9767 // 248.462.5244 // //

Curriculum: Goliath Must Fall, Winning the Battle Against Your Giants

Attend our connect group for a night of fun, food, fellowship, worship and a meaningful message.

Virtual Zoom Meeting or 435 Delmar Ct, Highland

WOMEN // 7:00PM

TERI WEBNER // 248.534.8030 //

Curriculum: Girls with Swords – How to Carry Your Cross Like a Hero

Join us as we explore this book by Lisa Bevere and discuss the passionate call for Christian women to effectively “wield the sword” of their God given strength.


WOMEN // 10:00AM

BRENDA HWOZDIK // 248.660.5398 //
DEBBIE MILITZER // 810.423.0838

Curriculum: Jonah – Navigating a Life Interrupted

We believe we are better together. If your heart is to deepen your relationship with the Lord and connect with women of faith then our group is for you.

6526 Milford Rd, Holly

CO-ED // 6:30PM

PATRICK & COLLEEN ERCK // 517.294.2758 // 517.404.9685 // //

Curriculum: Soul Detox

Come join us for dinner and Soul Detox, by Craig Groeschel; a grace filled study that will challenge you out of complacency and into a life of focus living based on God’s standard of holiness.

3145 N Latson Rd, Howell



PASTOR EVAN AND KENDRA BARRIGER // 989.415.8750 // 989.439.5256 // //
DEREK AND SARAH SZELONG // 248.245.2477 // 248.921.6385 // //

Curriculum: Biblical and Practical Conversations

A safe place for couples to ask questions and cultivate God honoring relationships in their lives.

5444 Rood Rd, Holly

WOMEN // 7:00PM

JOHANNA MALMQUIST// 810.498.9499
KARLENE MALMQUIST // 810.498.6433
JESSIE MOORE // 248.935.7168 //

Curriculum: Women of the Bible

We are a group of ladies that want to connect with you! Join us as we study the women of the Bible and learn from their lives. Let’s grow together so that we may become courageously devoted to our King.