Follow the redeeming romance of Boaz and Ruth in this new series. Ruth came from a life of being an idol-worshipping gentile from Moab to finding love in the fields of Bethlehem. Ruth wasn’t treated by Boaz based on her past she was loved by Boaz despite everything. He showed her grace and made... Continue reading

Here's a recap of what God has done throughout the past year at Cornerstone.

Thank you to all those who served and made YSC an awesome success!!! So many lives were brought into a relationship with Jesus as the Gospel was preached and His love was shared. Here are some final stats on this week's outreach.

Fathers, Do you feel constant pressure to do better? To have a better home, to make better money, to drive a better car? God wants to much more for you! He wants to help you be better. He wants to help you be a better husband, a better servant, and a better father. Come bring other fathers on... Continue reading