CO-ED // 9:00AM

RENNY & RACHEL ABRAHAM // 248.890.1831 //
ROGER & CHRIS CHMURA // 248.245.3623 //

Curriculum: Overcomer by David Jeremiah // Childcare offered

In the book of Ephesians, there is a metaphor that speaks of the armor of God. What if it’s more than just a metaphor? What if it leads us to deeper truths that God wants to reveal about the spiritual battles that are raging in unseen realms? Start your weekend with us as we learn together from the book titled, Overcomer, by David Jeremiah.

8092 Bridge Lake Rd, Clarkston

CO-ED // 5:00PM

MIKE & SUE HEFFELBOWER // 248.928.3190 //
PERRY & JEN LUKAS // 734.674.3301 //

Curriculum: I am Joseph by Jimmy Evans

Inspired by the Biblical story of Joseph, this series explores the specific purpose and destiny God has planned for our lives. It all begins by realizing the dream God has put in your heart and discusses how to make those dreams happen. Come join us and experience what can happen when you give yourself permission to dream.

18309 Hickory Ridge Rd, Fenton

MEN // 9:00AM

PATRICK ERCK // 517.294.2758 //
ROB PITERA // 248.472.1667 //

Curriculum: David the Great, Deconstructing the Man After God’s Own Heart by Mark Rutland

Join us for great fellowship, worship, and a meaningful message for men of all ages.

5073 Canterbury Dr, Brighton